Rocket Steel Buildings recently announced that the company is ready to supply high-grade steel buildings to customers worldwide. The multi-purpose design of the Rocket Steel Buildings S-model all steel metal building will immediately be recognized as similar in profile to the familiar Quonset hut, but with a difference. Instead of being a continuous curve from ground to ground, the building has sides that go straight up for the first several feet before it curves over. This gives you more storage space on the sides.

A workshop is a room or building that provides both the area and tools (or equipment) that may be required for the construction or restoration of industrial goods. Separate from the larger factories, workshops were the only places of production in the days before industrialization. Some repair industries, such as the train and airplane repair operations have specialized workshops called "backshops." For example, adjustment and renovation of United States Air Force test gear is conducted at shops known as precision measurement equipment laboratories. Most patch-up work is carried out in small workshops, except where an industrial amenity is needed
"We bought the building because it’s not going anywhere and it’s the best deal out there to keep the elements off your equipment, " states a Rocket Steel Buildings customer and commercial plumber.

Rocket Steel Buildings’ traditional straight-walled design S-model steel building features arch building engineering in a quality all-steel structure. The building’s functional design magnifies useable interior space with no poles, beams or obstacles and allows for extraordinary strength. The structures are accessible in widths from 20 ft (6 m) to 100 ft (30 m) wide with no limit on length. The buildings’ sidewalls and arches are AZ55 (metric – AZ180) Galvalume® steel. Galvalume is comprised of aluminum, zinc and silicon, making it more rust resistant than simple galvanized steel and having reflective properties that keep the interiors of the buildings cooler, saving on energy. Due to the high-technology manufacturing process, a Rocket Steel Buildings S-model steel building is very economical. It comes with a 25-year 6-month rust through perforation warranty backed by the steel mills.

"One hundred percent made in America, Rocket Steel Buildings are a far cry from the post buildings of yesteryear," states Rocket Steel Buildings company president. "Our buildings set the standard for quality and durability. They are virtually maintenance free. Ranchers and drivers admire the S-model steel building to protect their expensive equipment. The buildings are also frequently used for hay and grain storage, livestock shelters and workshops… just about anything you can think of."

Made in the USA Rocket Steel Buildings™ provide top quality trussless steel buildings, metal buildings and metal building systems engineered to any garage, shop, farm or industrial building project. Rocket Steel Buildings are manufactured with top grade US Galvalume® steel, the finest quality materials and strongest building components. Their expert metal building engineers design each steel building to fit your individual requirements, including local building codes, wind and snow loads to make your building fit your unique needs while keeping expenditures down. Because of their patented design features and quality materials and components, tough and durable Rocket Steel Buildings will outlast any other construction method in any weather condition. For more information call 800-579-2544 or visit their website at