The only NFC + Bluetooth + inventory-management smart padlock available to consumers in Q1, 2015.

SafeTech Products is launching The Quicklock Padlock, the only smart-electronic padlock with NFC (near field communication) and Bluetooth that you can receive in Q1, 2015 if you order now at

“Understanding the physics behind design and building smart devices that work in the modern world, meet customer needs and actually live up to specified claims are the driving principles of how we engineer products at SafeTech Products,” said Ryan Hyde, CEO. “With the launch of our Quicklock Padlock, it becomes the only NFC and Bluetooth-enabled smart electronic padlock on the market today, and with built in data tracking, it is much more than just a smart lock.  This product can be used as a portable inventory management or entry solution!”

The Quicklock Padlock is ideal for consumer, small business and industrial applications. This smart lock goes beyond only Bluetooth by also incorporating NFC technologies that provide additional flexibility when both securing and accessing the items that are important to individuals, families and companies.  

Users can download a free mobile app to connect with The Quicklock Padlock through their smartphones. The Quicklock mobile app enables smartphones to open the lock via Bluetooth. The app, which is compatible with phones running iOS and Android, also provides asset management capabilities to track who accessed the lock and when.

One phone can be used to control multiple padlocks.  A number of different NFC-enabled wearable tech items work the same way—eliminating the need for multiple keys. Conversely, up to 50 NFC fobs can be used to open one Quicklock so several members of a family or business can have fast, secure access. If owners want to share access rights, The Quicklock Padlock architecture also allows them to send a passcode via text or voice.

No smartphone? No problem. For users without a smartphone or those who want additional options to open their lock, wireless NFC access is available in the form of a ring, label, keycard or a fob. The Quicklock Padlock comes standard with one NFC keycard. The Quicklock Padlock comes with an internal, rechargeable lithium polymer battery that will last up to two years and can be easily recharged in a few minutes via USB.

Pricing and Availability

The Quicklock Padlock is available now for shipment in Q1, 2015 at for $79, with bulk-rate pricing for business and industrial applications also available.